Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bye bye fukkits!

so my crafty-craftyness has been on this downward spiral for months....maybe even more than a year. so many times, i'd draw up a new pattern or have this great crafty idea. i'd run screaming with it and one of two outcomes always followed. 1. it would be perfect and i'd make 2o of them and then burn out OR 2. it would be harder than i thought and i'd give up after one if i even completed it. i've wasted so much money on each fruitless endeavor.

i used to sell on eBay, but we all know it sucks for small-time sellers. so i created this little Etsy shop and planned to stock it full and actually make some $$. i've struggled for so long to find my groove and although i did manage to sell a few things, i never had more than 5 items in my shop at one time and rarely added anything.

things began to look up when a friend referred me to this fabric coop in December and i've been stocking up on tons of designer fabric, notions and hardware ever since. hell, i've got enough stuff laying around to open a craft supply store.

the true light at the end of the tunnel came in the form of a diagnosis. apparently i'm ADD. and it's funny, i was the only one surprised by this information. it does make sense though and explains a LOT.

then i finally "figured out" Etsy. its pretty simple. keep your store well stocked and add new items daily. of course listing quality products helps too.

so, with my determination and motivation renewed, i've stocked the shop to about 50 items. i have a little bit of everything, my Fab Fobs, my O.W.N. wallets, pocket mirrors, some zippered pouches and even a little DIY button bracelet tutorial.

things have been great so far! in the 17 days of June, i'm proud to tell the two people reading this that i've sold 14 items. no, i'm not a millionaire yet, but my self-confidence is through the roof. people like my stuff. enough to pay for it even. each time something sells it just revs up my energy to make something else. and the positive feedback causes quite a buzz too!

yay for me. i can honestly say: MY CRAFTY LIFE IS GOOD, like the rest of my life!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Almost Been a Year....

....and I have only posted 4 blogs!!!!! :o(