Wednesday, February 7, 2007

How Do I Sell Without Being a Sellout?

So I make purses. I taught myself how to do it and I enjoy it. My problem is that I get so caught up in making "what sells" and don't leave any time or room for my own creativity. Yeah, I make this stuff for fun, but I make it for $$ too, so if given the choice between some killer original creation that only I may love or some commercial print done up all fru-fru, I am likely to make the fru-fru and collect my dough than to risk wasting the money to post the other. If I make a Pink John Deere purse I get buried in orders, but my original stuff sells much slower. How do I get my own gimmick without stealing the genius of another? I am creative, but lazy at times, so yeah its easier to make the in demand stuff than taking the time to let my creative juices flow. This is my dilemma...oh yeah and I still haven't touched the serger ;)

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