Friday, November 9, 2007

Christmas Sucks!

Okay, its not supposed to suck, but usually it does. Especially if you have 4 kids and a stepchild and have a limited personal income. I always shop early, seek sales and do my best to grant each child wishes, within reason of course. I just always run out of money and my dear wonderful kids always pick the hardest to find in stores, highest priced on Ebay items. Season of giving, my pasty white butt! Its the season of breaking the bank! In the end, I am always happy to see them ripping and tearing on Christmas Day and somehow it's always worth it, but damn. So here I sit, 4 kids Christmas dreams come true and $30 overdraft in the bank whenever that last check clears....maybe I should make and sell something? HAHA! That's a whole new blog.....

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